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Winning at Content Curation? This is all You Need to Know.

Winning at Content Curation? This is all You Need to Know.

Content Curation: “The amount of information on the web is absolutely staggering, and it doubles in volume every 9 to 24 months. You’ve probably heard phrases like content saturation or information obesity tossed around. However, its crucial not to underestimate the value people place on fresh or relevant content. Articles, videos, and info graphics that are on-point for a given audience will always have a place.”

The Art of Content Curation

Doing Curation Ethically is the Best Step

There is nothing worse than someone running after you for stealing their content. It happens frequently and more than you would think. So if you are sharing anything make sure it’s OK to do so. And in the sharing, whether it is a blog post or a social share, all you really need to do is adhere to a few simple best practices. You will never be accused of pirating an others material.

In this article by Jasmine Henry she covers the critical questions any curator must ask before deciding on which articles they should be including  in order to reach their content marketing strategies. Remember each piece of content you share must be done with a purpose. You want to move your readers to take action in the direction you desire. Sign up for your newsletter, give your post a like or follow you on Social Networks

So keep your purpose in mind while enjoying this article.

Absolutely Everything You Need for Winning at Content Curation | B2C

content curation

Today’s super-sharp marketers are investing heavily in content curation. By republishing and recasting existing content with full credit to the original source, you’re able to save time and resources while still providing extraordinary value to your audience.

But where do you get started? Chances are, you’re already doing a fair amount of content curation in your marketing strategy, if you’re publishing external links to your social media accounts. Are your current efforts on-point, or is there room for improvement?


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Super Smart Marketers Curate and Participate In Social Networks

My personal takeaway for this article is the fact that the Content and Social Media Marketers will be the drivers of success, in retail, wholesale. professional services, and so on. Every business will figure it out in the long run. Even Future Shop is having to adjust there business model.

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Winning at Content Curation? This is all You Need to Know.
Article Name
Winning at Content Curation? This is all You Need to Know.
The critical questions any curator must ask when deciding which articles should be included in their content marketing strategy. Every piece of curated content should motivate your readers to take some sort of action.



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