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Want To Build Your Brand? Use A Little Content Curation!

Want To Build Your Brand?
Use A Little Content Curation!

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The Fact Is That People Are Interested In Hearing About More Than Just … YOU! 

What’s the biggest mistake most bloggers make these days? They make it all about THEM!

That’s right. Every blog post, for most marketers of people in business online, is about “Buy My Stuff!”, or “Join My Program”! All we ever see, post after post, is “Attend My Webinar” … “Subscribe to My Mailing List” … “Get My New Product” … or “Learn My New Technique”!

It’s all “My!” … “My!” … “My!” … “My!” … “My!” … 

Well … guess what? The Internet is really, really BIG. And (I know this may come as a shocker) but most of it is more interesting than you are!

Think about that statement for a moment. It’s obvious that the Internet is a huge place. There are billions of people on it, all with differing likes and dislikes. You might be really, really interesting, but I’d guess … no matter who you are … that the majority of folks interested in what you blog about would still be more interested in the well-known authorities and experts in your niche … than they are in you.

Now, it’s not my intention to be insulting, but merely to point out that most of us shoot ourselves in the foot when we focus our blogging activites 100% on ourselves. If we do this, we are ignoring all the other interesting content we might also include!

That’s where Curation comes in, and one of the many reasons it should be a large part of your blogging and Social Media marketing activities!

Here’s an article from Donna Papacosta in Business 2 Community:

Marketing Tip of the Week: Consider Content Curation – Business 2 Community Thu, 27 Mar 2014 22:32:21 GMT

Years ago I saw a great quote by Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications. He said 70% of the content you publish should be curated, and just 30% branded (yours). The rationale? “Because the rest of the world is at least 70% more interesting than your brand; and, promoting external content builds social capital and makes grateful fans of influencers.” Well said!

Read More At:

It’s A Big Wide Wonderful World Out There – Use It To Your Advantage

Now Donna’s article is addressed to the curator who is a bit more “traditional” than we are here at “Curation Works”. I’ll flat out say that she makes her process … described in the article … a bit more complicated than we think it needs to be. She definitely has the concept correct and the need to be a “conscious curator” is imperative. But, here at CW we teach you some processes and methods that do make it considerably more simple and efficient.

That being said, the main point of the article … that there’s a lot of interesting stuff out there that you will not be providing to your readers if you’re completely focused on content “creation” … is a good one. A lot of your readers will find you interesting. But, if you widen the scope of the content you provide them to include the recognized experts in your chosen field … through a certain amount of curation on your site … you’ll develop a much more solid basis of readership, and a richer reputation as well.



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