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Russia Hacking The News. This mans blogging passion is leading to fame and fortune.

Russia Hacking The News. This mans blogging passion is leading to fame and fortune.

“Greenwich native Charles Bausman has been living in Moscow for the better part of 29 years, raising a family while working as an investor in agribusiness in Russia. In the past dozen years or so, he’s developed a perspective on Russia he said he does not see reflected in western news reporting.”

Russia Insider

Is a blog created by Charles Bausman to provide westerners a different perspective on Russia. Bausman said last summer’s Russia-Ukraine crisis set him on his entrepreneurial course.

Russia Insider gets 25 million views a month

Russia Insider gets 25 million views a month

“There was a brutal civil war being fought in the Ukraine. Western reporting there was really bad, really dishonest: Kiev were the good guys — Russia the bad guys,” said Bausman. “It was all on the Ukraine side.” An incident in the Ukraine he knew of where “100 Russian sympathizers were burned alive by Neo Nazi Ukrainians” had not been reported by Western media.

So six months ago, he created an alternative news website called that is getting millions of international viewers — and Russian attention as well. Currently Russia Insider is attracting 25,000,000 million views each month.

As Bausman says, “Its gone beyond what I could imagine.”

Read the full story here.

Passion and Profit. A Bloggers Dream Comes True

One of the things that we should all know, is the fact when you discover and follow your passion wonderful things can happen. Russia Insider started out as a personal blog, driven by a personal desire to cover the real truth about Ukrainian Crisis and Russia’s role in it all.

Currently with over 25 million views a month, Russia Insider has become a valuable asset.

What are you blogging about?

Imagine what it would be like, to have a blog that started to grow beyond you imagination. Although we have used Russia Insider as our example, the reality is 25 million views is in the same category as Huffington Post, or the Boston Globe and not everyone will be able to have a social reach that is so vast.

We all have a social reach. It takes time to grow and nurture followers in your niche. It takes work and a whole lot of dedication. So the moral of the story is blog about your passion. Blog about what drives you. Blog about the things you question. In the end it can all work out!

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