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Recorded Webinars

Our Curation Works Live Training Sessions happen every Tuesday evening in our online conference room. These sessions are open and everyone is invited to attend. Our members, both Free and Upgraded, are encouraged to invite as many guests as they like to the sessions. Remember: ALL CW Members receive commissions for any upgraded referrals, and that includes our Free members as well … so invite,invite, invite! The purpose of our Tuesday sessions is two-fold: to help introduce the concept and program of Curation Works to our Members invited guests, and to provide training to our members and the general public about our system and the general concepts of content curation. So, join us on Tuesday evenings!

Recorded Content Curation Live Sessions

Below you will find recordings of past Tuesday sessions. We hope you enjoy them!

Curation Marketing In the Beginning

Adapted from a presentation by

Don goes back to the future and presents revisits his first ever presentation for Curation Works. Easily organize, annotate and create content to engage and inspire your audience. It is an excellent primer on the benefits of Curation Marketing. Social Media Marketing supports the building of your brand. In other words content and social media marketing is essential if you wish to grow your business.

Curation Marketing with Canva

Steve introduces Canva a Graphic Design App that not only allows the non artisan to create outstanding visuals it also allows you to target Social Media in the most incredibly share able way. Content Marketing at is best. Enjoy.


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