Curation Works Lead Capture Setup

How to setup your Lead Capture Page for Curation Works

Below, you will find detailed instructions on how to setup a Lead Capture Page to promote your Curation Works Affiliate link.

What you will need:

Active GVO/HostThenProfit and AdKreator accounts.

Join GVO and Adkreator from the Curation Works Downline Builder

Login to Curation Works Here

GVO/Host Then Profit Account

Use Shared Campaign Code

Login to GVO

Go to the Auto-Responder section.

Click on List.

Place the Shared Code C60566538a1B in the Get Copy of Code field.



When the new campaign loads, it will be called Curation Works and you will need to make the following changes:

Change the NAME to your full name.  The system defaults to your GVO username.  You need your name here so that your auto-responder messages are populated with your name.

Edit the Website URL on the Campaign Settings (Bottom of the Page) and replace the ID with YOUR Curation-Works ID number and click save/edit.



Now click on Global Fields.

Global Field 1 = Your Skype username

Global Field 2 = Your Curation Works Affiliate ID number

Global Field 3 = Your Click Bank Username


This creates a 7 part email series that is already coded with the information from the Global Fields. 

Creating an Optin Form

If you wish to add a Skype ID, Click on Custom Fields in the Campaign Settings and create a Field called Skype.  You can then choose this field when creating your Form.


Click on Forms

Click Create a New Form

In the Optin Form Settings, in the Thank You Page Section, Choose Custom Thank You Page and Put your Curation Works Affiliate URL.

In the section for Already Subscribed thank you page, put your Curation Works affiliate URL.

If you created Custom Fields, you can choose your custom fields.

Save the Form


Click on the HTML tab to copy the HTML code for use in  AdKreator.



Login to Your AdKreator Account

Click on Share Design

Use Shared Code 3DAD19D043


Your file is created and ready for you to Duplicate.  You need to choose the Duplicate button as shown below


A Duplicate of the Capture Page is created for you.  To edit this page, you need to click on the title Duplicate of Curation Works as shown below


Click on Edit Design to load your page to edit


Replace the current picture with your own picture

Replace the name and Skype id

Replace the Form code with your GVO Form Code








Here is a different version of a Lead Capture Page.  Follow the same instructions and use the code below instead of the one above.

Curation Works LCP 2 – AdKreator Shared Code 5A1C62CA54