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Future Plans For CLB Products

Future Plans For CLB Products

CLB Prodcuts -  Net Marketer's Image Package

CLB Net Marketer’s Image Package

This post is going on the Curation Works blog and it’s about future plans for CLB products.
What are CLB Products? Although at this point in time it’s a little bit “up in the air”, I’m working with Janet Legere, founder of CLB, the Contact List Builder, (not to mention many other CLB leaders), and between us I can see the products that CLB releases in the future as being quite phenomenal!
This morning Janet released the CLB Net Marketer’s Image Package. You can see the Ecover image in the upper left had corner here and what it is, is a package of over 1100 professional grade images for marketer’s to use on the blogs, in videos and PowerPoint presentations, for use in Ecovers, and so on and so forth.
With a price of up to $15 each for stock images online, we felt the price tag of $37 on this package was quite fair, how about you? 😉

So that’s the first of the CLB products.

What’s next? Well in that regard and sticking with the fact that blogs, videos, presentations, and Ecovers are very important to use when it comes to making money on the internet, a step in the right direction would be royalty free music, right?

  • Music soothes the savage beast.
  • Music sets the tone.

In reality background music is quite important so I’m thinking that package may come next!

Existing CLB Products

CLB products have been around for quite some time now honestly. I would have to say that CLB membership is one the the best CLB products, right?
After all, CLB membership can help any marketer build any business online, from traditional brick and mortar type of businesses all the way to affiliate marketing and product creation. I hope that I can lend a hand when it comes to this aspect but that’s another subject! How about:

  1. Prospect Geyser?
  2. Prospect Geyser Coop?
  3. PG Traffic?
  4. The Ready Set Go Marketing System?
  5. Curation Works?

The above CLB products have been around for quite a while, and people make money with them on a continual and daily basis!

Again this blog post is a bit off topic for being on the Curation Works blog but getting the word out on existing and future CLB products is high on our priority list, and speaking of “our topic”, here’s a few future CLB products that are being worked on:

Future Plans For CLB Products Image 2

What is the CLB video slideshow maker?
That is something that I see as one of the easiest to use video creation programs online. If you do this:

  • Step 1: Create a series of 15 to 20 slides from the CLB Royalty Free Images.
  • Step 2: Open up this Icon:
CLB Products: The CLB Slideshow Video Creation System Software

CLB Slideshow Video Creation System Software (This is my desktop)

  • Step 3: Add the slides to the software.
  • Step 4: Choose one of the CLB Royalty Free Music tracks and add it to the software.
  • Step 5: “Create”.

You will have this:

CLB Products Presentation Video

Wasn’t that pretty cool? And it only took a few seconds to create this video using CLB’s Video Creation System!

Videos like this by the way, are called “impact videos”, and the purpose of such a video is to have them make enough of an impact on people watching them that they will click on something and be taken to a website with more information on whatever the video is about.
So you can keep your eyes open for future CLB products because the one that excites me the most has got to be the Contact List Builder cwNet Blogging System!
This new cwnet prebuilt blogging system is going to have complete and ready to go pre-built blogs that’s ready for people to start adding content to and ranking in the search engines. No worries about blog settings, installing plugins, buying web hosting, …nothing! Get our blog and start adding content. How cool is that?

  • For people that lack the technological ability to set up a blog to build a business online, CLB is taking care of that for you by way of the cwNet Blogging system.
  • For people that aren’t that great at writing articles, CLB has taken care of that for you by teaching you how to use content from other websites by way of Curation Works.
  • For people that are a bit nervous about getting in front of a camera to make a video for their blog, CLB is going to take care of that for you with the CLB Video Slideshow Maker system.
  • For people that need to learn how to do things step by step by step there’s the free Ready Set Go Marketing system!

Since I’m going to place this blog post on the Curation Works blog, I’m going to leave you with this … it doesn’t matter if you are a great writer or if you lack the ability to come up with your own content, Curation Works is something you can use.
For more information on what Curation Works is, click on the image below. 🙂
By John Jarvis

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Future Plans For CLB Products



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  1. Linda Basta May 3, 2014

    Nice post presentation, Janet
    Looking forward to the backround music product.


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