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Content Marketing’s Golden Rule

Content Marketing’s Golden Rule

“If your content marketing isn’t working, ask yourself why and then make small improvements to make a big impact over time, says columnist Quinn Whissen.”

Content Marketers Golden Rule

1% Marginal Gains is the Key to Your Success

This is s pretty interesting and motivational read. According to Quinn Whissen, content marketing success can be had simply by following the 1% rule of incremental change. A content marketing plan where incremental “system-based” change is realistic and attainable.

Over time incremental changes add up to significant growth. It is important then to not get discouraged, but rather celebrate the systematic incremental growth as it happens. Many content marketers give up after a few months since they only see the big picture.

Focus on Systems, Not Goals

Content Marketing is a Process of Incremental Growth

Quinn states, “the root cause of poor (content marketing) results was a process problem that could be fixed with a shift to system-based thinking.” It provides the content marketer evidence of continual growth.

The following article written by Quinn Whissen provides a step by step overview of how to track your results and carve out a system to help reach your content marketing goals. Your new content marketing plan. One designed to deliver.

The 1% Rule Of Content Marketing

Marketing Land

Athletes already know the power of systems. They understand that if they are to reach a physical goal, setting benchmarks and small improvements must be taken over a span of time. Adding one pound every week over the course of a month to their lifting schedule means they just graduated to the next notch of the weight machine.

We, as content marketers, can learn from this approach. Because unlike goals, incremental system-based change is:

  • realistic and attainable;
  • encourages consistent progress;
  • can lead to significant results over time

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Content Marketing, Progress or Perfection

The moral of the story is to stop striving for perfection. When you do you slow down and that will lead to failure. Often we say that once you start feeding content to your audience, the more they want . So develop your system so that you can measure the effectiveness in your content marketing process.

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