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Content Marketing: Build Your Audience With A Flexible Strategy

Content Marketing – “How do I create a content marketing strategy that actually works? … The first step is to get your head right.

Content Marketing:
Build Your Audience With A Flexible Strategy

Content Marketing | Curation WorksYour Strategy Should Be To Determine What Your Audience Wants …
And Then Deliver It!

Any marketer who’s been around for a while will testify to the fact that there’s a huge difference between having a mailing list of actively engaged participants and having thousands of email addresses of people who couldn’t care less. And, the main place that difference shows up is in your bank account.

As content marketers and content curators, we need to be focused on what our readers want to know. Using the techniques of content marketing and curation, our efforts are not focused exclusively on “selling a product“, but rather on providing our readers with the type of information they desire, and making it all available in one place.

So, how exactly do we set up a “strategy” to do this from the very beginning of our curation efforts?

Well, the probability is that you really won’t be able to do that. If you set out a “rock solid” strategy for your content marketing and curation efforts … a strategy that is designed to be a plan you stick to “come hell or high water” … you’ll probably fail. There’s no way you can forsee all aspects of just how your readers will react to what you’ll be doing. Oh, you can guess, but until you actually begin to see how your readers actually do react to your content, there’s no way to be sure. That means that the kind of strategy you need will be a flexible one that allows you to make quick adjustments as you go. 

Here’s a really great article by Brian Clark from CopyBlogger. In it he discusses the need to be an “agile” content marketer, and some ways you can achieve that in your curation strategy.

Agile Content Marketing: How to Attract an Audience That Builds Your Business | CopyBlogger Thu, 10 Apr 2014 13:00:00 GMT

With agile content marketing, you’re not starting with a minimum viable product. You’re first trying to build a minimum viable audience using the same lean principles of iterative and incremental development, so that you understand how to grow the audience further and better understand what they want to buy. …

Read More Here:

Your Curation Strategy Is An Ongoing Creation

When you read Brian’s article, the first thing that becomes clear from his comedian example is that, for most of us, our Curation Strategy will be an ongoing creation. There really will never be an “I’m done” moment using this “agile” technique. Things will always be changing, and our strategies will always be evolving. That is, after all, how the Universe works. And, in keeping with that, your Curation and Content Marketing strategies need to be ever-evolving as well. They need to leave you with the leeway to adjust and change things mid-stream … allowing you to accommodate your Reader’s needs and desires as they become apparent.

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