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Content Curation Practices: Compilation Posts

Content Curation Practices:
Compilation Posts

Content Curation | Curation WorksSometimes Revisiting Your Own Content Can Be A Traffic Grabber 

The practice of Content Curation should be like an ever-widening pool of possibilities. Good curators never have problems coming up with ideas for new types of curations … if they have the right mindset to begin with. There are so many ways to make use of content and even to re-use it well.

Having a slow news day? How about re-visiting all your posts on a given subject. Call it something like, “Our Most Popular Posts About (Insert Subject Here)“. This is a great way to make use of good content and to provide your readers with a second look at some of the things they may have missed.

Here’s an article from Allison Boccamazzo as it appeared in Business 2 Community:

Give Your Content Marketing Strategy Its ‘One Shining Moment’ – Business 2 Community Mon, 07 Apr 2014 23:18:03 GMT

Give Your Content Marketing Strategy Its ‘One Shining Moment’ … get onboard with content curation—the process of collecting, organizing and displaying some of the best pieces of content currently on the Web. …

Read More At:

You Can Curate From All Over The Place!

Hey! Switch things up! There are many places you can look to for quality content … and many different types of content you can use. Did you notice what Allison did in her article? What’s right in the middle of  it? One great big You Tube video that she used to illustrate her point! That’s CURATED content … right inside her article on content curation!

Get creative! Use different sources and different types of content. You’ll have more fun and your readers will really appreciate it!

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  1. John Jarvis April 9, 2014

    “Our Most Popular Posts About (Insert Subject Here)“ is a great idea for anyone in a hurry.

    It still gets the daily content on the website and yet doesn’t take up too much time out of our day.



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