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Content Curation: Why You Need It & How To Do It

Content Curation – “No, the auto-posting RSS feed plugins and secret software you may have heard about will not work, but if you really wish to add high-quality content to your website or blog, there is a solution: content curation.” …

Content Curation:
Why You Need It & How To Do It

Content Curation | Curation Works

Is Content Curation A Fad Or A Useful Tool?

Today we’re going to approach some really basic topics in our ongoing content curation discussion. We’re going to dive right into the “nitty gritty”: Is “content curation” something I need to be doing in my business?

Well, the “experts” seem to have a really uniform answer, and that’s “yes”. Now, as individual entrepreneurs we can get focused very narrowly on the experts in our own industry or “niche”. However, it’s sometimes wise … and very instructive … to step back and take a somewhat broader look at certain subjects.

Today. we’re going to tackle some thorny questions about “content curation”. First of all, do you need to be doing it on your blog? And then, further, just what should you watch for as you implement a curation strategy … if you, in fact, do.

Is Content Marketing Something I Should Be Doing?

Well, the answer to this is simple: If you are in business online, you are already in “content marketing”. Do you have a blog or a website? Then you actually are involved in content marketing already. The problem is that most folks don’t realize that, and so they don’t do it right. They get it all messed up and end up not providing any value to people who might read their content. 

In this article, we’re going to provide you with some “testimony” from some very well-respected sources. After all, why should I ask that you simply believe what I’m telling you, when most of the experts you’ll find inthe field can do that for me?

As an example, last week Jill Abramson, and Executive Editor at the New York Times was fired. This was amid a lot of controvery and there was considerable media brouhaha and “in-fighting” at the Times about it. We’re not so concerned with that, for our purposes, but rather that as a result of the conflict, someone at the New York Times took itupon themselves to leak an absolutely amazing document, the New York Times Innovation Report 2014.

This report is, in effect,  the Times “Digital Marketing Strategy“. It gives us a glimpse into the workings and the strategies of a well-respected media outlet that is struggling to adapt to the modern social media world. That’s the same world in which you and I do business. There is much to lean here, and just what we can learn is outlined in this great article by Jay Palter that just appeared in Business2Community:

7 Lessons Every Company Can Learn From the Leaked New York Times Digital … – Business 2 Community Mon, 19 May 2014 15:43:05 GMT

… the message here is not why the Times doesn’t have their own Flipboard technology, but how curation can add meaning and value to content even when you are the content creator. … Smart curation enhances content value by adding context and structure. Content marketing efforts in virtually any setting are enhanced by both creating and curating great content….

Read More At:

Content Curation: What Are The Benefits?

As you can see, the “disruptions” in the digital world, as analyzed by the experts at the NY Times and by Mr. Palter, are many and they’re moving swiftly. Their finding is that “content marketing”  is the wave we need to be riding, and that “content curation” can play a huge part in our success as content marketers.

So, what are the specific benefits to a business, large or small, when it’s decided to implement of strategy of content curation in the marketing plan? What benefits can we look to enjoy immediately? Which are more “Long term”? 

Dave Ken is a Digital Marketing Strategist who has worked with many large and small companies in Europe. He’s the head of content marketing in IBOXSEO, and in this article which appeared recently in MemeBurn, he fills us in on that aspect:

Content Curation 101: Benefits For Business and 5 Very Useful Tricks – MemeBurn Mon, 12 May 2014 05:00:19 GMT

If you are having a hard time coming up with insightful and valuable (because nowadays it’s all about value) content for your blog, you can use this convenient alternative. You cannot begin to imagine the amount of brilliant content available online, and you would probably have not been able to discover it were it not for the efforts of brilliant curators, and search engine parameters….

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Is There A Learning Curve In Content Curation?

The short answer here is: yes. As with anything that’s a truly effective business building tool, you’ve got to do your “due diligence” and put in some learning time to become a good curator of content. Curation is not a “trick” or some kind of “black hat” seo tactic. It’s a style of content sharing that can help bring huge traffic and enhanced personal trust to you and your business. As you begin, you need to learn many different strategies to see which work best for you.

Heidi Cohen is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies, and well-known in the world of content marketing. In this great article, Heidi outlines some important strategies and tactics that can help anyone as they begin a program of content curation. 

7 Tactics For Content Curation Success – Heidi Cohen Tue, 13 May 2014 10:00:14 GMT

Want to excel at content curation? Here are 7 tactics for content curation success to help you increase your curated information’s effectiveness.

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Are There Good Tools Out There To Help With Content Curation?
Content Marketing | Curation works

There most definitely are. And, more importantly, there are some very good resources that are either available at no cost at all, or very inexpensively. Let’s face it, most fledgeling entrepreneurs and bloggers simply don’t have budgets to support a lot of heavy outlay when they venture into online business. Corporate American may be able to pay thousands of dollars a month to get a massive content marketing strategy into play, but most of us individual home business owners are doing it by ourselves and on restricted budgets! Are there tools out there that can help that are within our reach?

Here’s a comprehensive article by Steve Shaw at SiteProNews about the different tools available for curators on the web. They are definitely out there, and this is a good list:

Content Curation: Nine Top Tools to Boost Your Online Influence – SiteProNews Wed, 14 May 2014 04:00:30 GMT

With increasing amounts of content available, people need a trusted resource who’s willing to cut through the noise and clutter and gather the most important pieces of information in one place. By performing that role within your niche, you attract increasing numbers of followers and enjoy increased influence, authority and visibility as a result.

Read More At:

So Where and How Do I Start?

Well, what answer do you expect? You’re reading this on the Curation Works blog site, after all! Seriously, Don Legere and I have looked at the situation and we’ve come up with what I believe is the answer to that very problem. The first step is to learn the basics of curation! Now, there’s a lot of “curation training” out there on the web. I know; I’ve seen it all. The problem is that most of it is well past the understanding of most folks who are beginning or intermediate bloggers. 

That’s why Don and I have created “Curation Works”. CW is a curation training program for bloggers with the beginning and intermediate online business person in mind! Take a few minutes and enjoy the video!

How Do I Get Started With “Curation Works”?

The answer to that question requires one more question: did you find this page through a search on a search engine? Or … did someone send you here through an email, social sharing, or through a conversation?

You see, we’re very focused here on what is known as “downline integrity”. As the creators and “admin” of Curation Works, we want to make sure that you receive the training you need to succeed in this powerful style of blogging. BUT, we also want to make sure that if someone sent you here to this blog post, they get the credit they deserve for doing that. SO … here’s the best plan:

1) If someone sent you to this blog post in an email … please return to that email and click the link they invited you to in their mailing.

2) If you found this link through a share on a Social Networking Site … please return to the shared post and clickthe link included there, or ask the person who shared it fortheir link.

3) If you were directed here through a conversation with a Curation Works member … please ask that member for their link.

Please, if any of thse DO apply to you … DO THAT FIRST!

If NONE of those apply to you, then simply follow this link to Curation Works.

Once you’re there, you can sign up for a Free Account, and then Upgrade for the full benefit if you like.

Whichever way you go about it … we’ll see you on the inside, at Curation Works!



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