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Content Curation and Social Media

Content Curation and Social Media

Content Curation & Social Media – “Curation is a constant reminder to your clients and peers that you’re here and adding value. …”

Content Curation & Social Media

Here’s Why Content Curation Should Be Part Of Your Social Networking Strategy

Jay Palter is a very well-respected instructor, advisor, and innovator when it comes to content marketing and content curation. I’ve referenced his work before, and today I’d like to expand on that a bit.

Content Curation & Social Media | Curation Works | Steve GaghagenHere at Curation Works, we teach folks how to curate content in a respectful, ethical manner that benefits both the curator and the party whose material is being shared. Part of what we teach is the important step of sharing your curated content on social media. These days, in fact, there are many people out there who curate on social media alone, sharing their content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. We recommend basing your curation on a blog and then sharing on social media, as this provides more of an opportunity to brand yourself on your own Internet property.

Jay is very active on social networks, as you’ll see in the article I’m sharing with you today. However he also has a blog. He has, as I’ve observed, a slightly different style than we teach at CW. His blog is almost completely original material. He posts his original content there, and then shares it. Additionally, he augments that on the social networks by curating content from others on his social media outlets. This is a very powerful strategy, and you might want to consider it.

In March of 2015, Jay was invited to join Kristin Harad in a conversation about Content Curation for financial professionals at her Implement Now management training program. Check out this really informative video of that conversation.

There are some great concepts there that most of us may not think about at all. Curation is a very powerful strategy, not just for “traffic”. That’s not the entire thing at all. It’s about building trust and relationships with your readers and viewers. And too many of us simply don’t think of our activities on social networks as content curation. And that’s too bad.

After this video was made, Jay posted a blog post that crystalized this even more … down to 6 specific points. You’ll find it on his blog at .

6 Reasons Why Curation Should Be The Foundation Of Your Social Strategy |

“In the digital age, we have access to an abundance of information – too much information, in fact. And with the advent of social media and online social networks, we now have some of the most powerful tools of publishing at our disposal for delivering information and insight to our audience – our clients and prospects and partners and peers.”

Read More Here:

Make Conscious Content Curation Part Of Your Social Media Strategy

The fact is, when we are on our social networks … sharing away … we are content marketing and curating content. That’s true, whether we’re conscious of it or not. As in all things, curating consciously is going to benefit you much more than curating unconsciously. In fact, unconscious content curation amounts to sharing by whim, and that can be very harmful. It leaves your brand and your image hanging out there with no direction, no focus, and no one to care for it.

Do yourself a favor: become conscious of your curating. Realize that every moment you spend on social media you are either helping yourself or hurting yourself. With every post, you are either building your brand and reputation, or you’re tearing them down. Make conscious content curation part of your social media strategy.

Content Curation and Social Media.



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  1. Rahimah Sultan January 22, 2016

    I loved this presentation, Steve. It reinforces the fact that curating content is a great way to get and share it. Jay and Kristin may represent different areas of marketing, but the information applies to any field.


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