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4 Ways to Properly Use a Hashtag on Facebook or Twitter

4 Ways to Properly Use a Hashtag on Facebook or Twitter

“We’ve all been a victim of hashtag abuse. Perhaps even guilty ourselves. In fact, I have several friends on Facebook who automatically push all their Facebook updates to Twitter and vice versa.”

Hashtag use for Twitter and Facebook

Simple hashtag advice for marketers

hashtag use for twitter and facebookKnowing the power of the hashtag is an absolute must for anyone wanting to promote and earn an living online. Social Media Marketing has become big business for the majority of the brands that we rely on for our lifestyle each and everyday. They have come to the conclusion that in order to stay relevant they must rely on social media. They are learning how to interact with their market in a new way. The consumer has changed and so has marketing.

It is important to understand the rules of social engagement. Your goal is create a following of raving fans who will promote you to everyone and everywhere. That is the power of social media marketing. In this article by Travis McGinnis he provides a little background on hashtags for the uninitiated along with 4 simple ways to use hashtags properly. 


First, a quick history of hashtags. Twitter was the social networking site that popularized the use of hashtags. A hashtag is simply a word or phrase (without any spaces) preceded by a, well, a hashtag: #. For example, #hashtag.

The purpose of them on Twitter was to identify trending topics for search purposes. It allows users to use a hashtag to participate in a conversation with other Twitter users who may or may not be following each other.

In an effort to keep up, Facebook recently launched support for #hashtags on status updates.

Then things got out of control. People started using hashtags for everything. Everything. To the point of being annoying. So of course, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake had to make a skit about how ridiculous the hashtag phenomenon has become.

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So, How do You Use a Hashtag Correctly?

Dont Abuse Hashtags. Hashtags must be searchable and relevant to your brand.



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