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12 Content Curation Myths (Busted)

12 Content Curation Myths (Busted)

“Now that your content curation myths and fears are put to rest, you can start strategizing and curating the best content possible for your audience. Don’t keep them waiting!”

12 Content Curation Myths You Should Know

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Content Curation Myths

I love lists. Especially when they can make my life a little better. Julia McCoy has Busted 12 of the Biggest Content Curation Myths there is. These are the myths that tend to stop most marketers in their tracks.

Reading over this list will allow you to make positive adjustments in your curated content practices and strategies. Joy’s list:

12 Content Curation Myths

  1. Content Curation Is One Size Fits All.
  2. Content Curation Is Quick
  3. Content Curation Is All Automated
  4. Your Influencers Know What’s Best.
  5. Content Curation Is The Same Thing As Copy/Paste
  6. Curated Content Upstages Your Original Content
  7. You Aren’t a Thought Leader If You Use Third Party Content
  8. Content Curation is Predictable
  9. Always Share The Same Sources
  10. Sharing a Link is Good Enough
  11. Only Share Content That’s Popular.
  12. Throw Content At The Wall And See What Sticks

Enjoy the full article and begin to to take action today to develop your personal content marketing strategy.

12 Of The Biggest Content Curation Myths (Busted) – Business 2 Community

Mon, 08 Dec 2014 14:32:53 GMT

12 Of The Biggest Content Curation Myths (Busted)- Business 2 Community

When it comes to curating content to add to your editorial calendar, sometimes it can look pretty simple at a glance, adding topics and planning your next piece — or does it? Content curation may look from the outside as a quick fix to getting content fast, but it is most definitely not. It can be quite the complicated beast.

As you start pulling your sources together to generate your curated content, keep a few myths in mind that can potentially stop you from pointless hours of sorting and brainstorming.

Myth #1: Content Curation Is One Size Fits All. Just like any content or SEO strategy, content curation does not always fit into one box for every niche. You can curate content for any industry, but the most effective methods may vary from one niche to another.

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Looking for a Highly Responsive Marketing Strategy?

Joy McCoy has clearly busted several of the major myths associated with curated content. The fact is curation works. And like anything else in life it takes focus, strategy and implementation. Visit Curation-Works today for content strategies that will improve inbound traffic coming to your site and opportunity.



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