How Does Content Curation Work?

How Does Content Curation Work

How Does Content Curation Work By John Jarvis

Expert Author John Jarvis

How does content curation work? What is curation in social media? How to do content curation. All of this and more will be answered on this website.
1st, let’s start with what is content curation. As someone that’s jumped through all the hoops necessary some time ago to apply for and get awarded Google Authorship, there was a time when I felt that content curation was a legitimate way of stealing other people’s content but that’s not what it is at all.
According to Wikipedia, “Content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.”
Look at it like this. You’ve heard of a curator when it comes to a museum right? A museum curator looks after everything there. They are the head of it. They are “in charge” of things in the museum.
The same thing applies to content curation. People that use content curation marketing are in charge of being a specialist in their market. With this being the case, they’d better know how to do content curation properly.

How To Do Content Curation

How Does Content Curation Work

Curating Other People’s Content Is Easier Than Writing Your Own!

This website will teach you not only how to do content curation marketing, here you will learn what is curation in social media, best content curation tools, what is the best content curation software that you can get for free, and everything in between.

How does content curation work will be answered fully!

Who does content curation work for?
Content curation works for different types of people online:

  • Blogger’s with “writer’s block”.
  • People that don’t have time to write their own material.
  • People that “don’t know how to write a blog post”.
  • Marketers that have more than one website in different niches.
  • And so on!


How Does Content Curation Work Expert Author

Online Content Can Come From Ezines!

You see with the changes that have been made in the way the search engines work over the past few years, content has become more important than ever before.
“Content Is King” they say, and it’s true.
Being an “expert author” and writing for Ezines for quite a few years now, I can tell you that content has always been king! It’s just that the description of, or rather the importance of the different kinds of content on a website have changed over the years.
Content in the eyes of the search engines?

  1. The written word, (of course).
  2. Images.
  3. Videos.

And now it’s seeming that “likes”, “comments”, and “shares” on your website are becoming a kind of content within themselves!
At any rate, we need it. We need all of it, and for people that aren’t that great at the written word, content curation is the perfect answer!

So How Does Content Curation Work?

In case you’re still wondering how does content curation work, I’m going to leave a 6 1/2 minute long video here from an insider’s training series that was recorded not long ago. This is the introduction and it explains the concept of content curation marketing.

Video: Introduction To Content Curation Marketing

How does content curation work for marketer’s in the real world?
As marketer’s we now have an unlimited source of material to choose from.
Not only that, once how to do content curation is learned properly, we can choose the newest, most up to date and relevant content that people are truly looking for when they type their search query into an internet search engine.
Again according to Wikipedia, “A web search query is a query that a user enters into a web search engine to satisfy his or her information needs.”
Do the words “To Satisfy His Or Her Information Needs” mean anything to you? Because they should!
We need to have what our website visitors are looking for, … waiting for them when they get there!
So you either need to be the world’s foremost specialist on a certain subject, or else learn how to do content curation. Which do you suppose is easier?
Learning how to do content curation marketing is the easiest way to become a specialist in any area of anything online!
For more information you can click on the image below and get free and instant access to the world’s best information on content curation marketing. This information was put together by Don Legere of the Contact List Builder, and Steve Gaghagen of the Online Techniques Blogging Workshop! 😉
By John Jarvis

How Does Content Curation Work – Click This Image And Find Out!
How Does Content Curation Work

How Does Content Curation Work