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Tools and Resources For The Content Curator

Tools and Resources For The Content Curator

Content Curation – “‘Curator’. Just listen to how impressive that sounds. It takes a vast amount of experience to become a curator at a top art museum. It takes about 10 minutes to become a content curator, but patience and dedication to become a great one.”

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Don’t Just “Share”… “Curate”

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As we’ve discussed many times in our weekly Content Curation Marketing Webinar, it’s simple to become a “content curator”… it’s not so simple to become a great one. There is an “art” to the process. It involves knowing your audience, understanding their needs, knowing how best to present content to them, and knowing what tools are available to help you do this. On top of that, it involves a descerning eye that you can train to select the very best content out of the morass of the “content glut” we all have to wade through these days.

“Tiger Tiger Digital Marketing Agency” is a business consulting firm out of New Zealand. They work in the online world to help companies, businesses, and individual entrepreneurs increase their online reach and influence. Content marketing is one of the tools they use and recommend. In June of last year they posted an absolutely incredible article that covers a lot of what you need to know to become an “artist” at content curation. The article is by someone identified only as “Mark H.”, and it’s something you’ll want to study closely if content marketing is part of your traffic and influence strategy.

The Ultimate Guide To Content Curation |

Tiger Tiger Digital Agency

The curation process involves content such as social updates, blogs, news, video and graphics that is aggregated by semantic search engines. The result is then presented to readers in a form that is artistically arranged and easily scannable. It differs from content marketing in how the information is gathered and reorganized.

Curation takes marketing to the next level by commenting, highlighting and adding value as part of the presentation. A solid content curation strategy helps turn a basic marketing campaign into a social movement. It can build a brand into an iconic piece of culture.

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Tools, Resources, and Guidance For The Content Curator

As you can see, this article from “TigerTiger” provides some really quality information, and a lot of it. That’s one of the reasons I’ve chosen to curate it here. Part of the process of curation is to learn to pick out the “cream of the crop” of the information you could use, and to curate only that. The more you can stick to that rule, the more your readers will appreciate your contirbutions and the greater the “tribe loyalty” you’ll be creating

As well as curation advice, the “Ultimate Guide To Content Curation” also provided you with a long list of curation tools that are available to you to use. One that’s come into being since this article was written is our own “Curation Works” program! If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join us. Training quality curators is our specialty, and we do it without demanding an arm and a leg. Please check out Curation Works by clicking HERE

If you’re a Curation Works member or not, please join us for out next Content Curation Marketing Webinar! We hold them every Tuesday Evening at 8 PM (EST). Everyone is welcome. Helping you to become a great content curator is our goal!

Tools and Resources For The Content Curator
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Tools and Resources For The Content Curator
A Content "Curator" does more than simple content marketing. Here's a list of tools & resources, along with some really great advice, to help you learn and perform the "art" of quality curation.



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