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Social Media Marketing 5 Tips for 2015

Social Media Marketing 5 Tips for 2015

“All social-media platforms in existence today rely upon one basic principle: people like to share. Brands, too, can benefit from sharing—but many are still too focused on selling. Sharing, for brands, means connecting customers with information, ideas, and resources that can help customers improve their lives.”

Social Media Marketing

5 Social Media Marketing Tips To Remember for 2015

Social Media Marketing

Social Media drives conversation. Social Media Marketing can help build your brand or tear it down in a moment. Powerful, extremely powerful.

Modern Marketers understand the vital role Social Media plays in growing and nurturing business. They understand that consumers today are different. Consumers, (especially Millennial’s) conduct their own research and often turn to their social networks for advice, opinions and recommendations.

Social Media Marketing and Content Curation will become even more influential in 2015 and should be a very big part of your overall Marketing Strategy. So in order to keep you on the path of outstanding business growth integrate these 5 Tips within your Social media marketing strategy for the new year.

Five tips to build a brand in 2015 – African Business Review

Mon, 08 Dec 2014 10:42:58 GMT

Social Media Marketing

African Business Review Five tips to build a brand in 2015

This one-to-many model of information flow has been upended since the advent of the Internet and social media. Now, information flows in millions of different directions at once—to, from, and by people all over the globe—in an all-to-all free-for-all for eyeballs and market share. Some of the well-established rules of branding still apply in this new, hyper-connected environment. But that doesn’t  change the fact that building and differentiating a brand is harder than ever and will only prove even tougher in 2015.

In the coming year, the technological connectedness of everyone on Earth will reach a level never before experienced by humanity. The old rules don’t apply in this world. New rules must be developed.

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Social Media Marketing and Building Your Brand

The overall objective is to share not sell. Selling will turn your market away. The art of sharing “curated content” in order to help others solve a problem or perhaps live a little better is what Social Media Marketing is all about.



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