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SEO For Blogs: Your Keyword Strategy Is Dead!

SEO For Blogs:
Your Keyword Strategy Is Dead!

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If you’ve attended any of the Curation Works live training sessions, or if you’re a member and have watched the videos inside the Member’s Area, then you’ve heard me talk about “Panda”, “Penguin”, and “Butterfly”. Those are the SEO Industry names for the 3 major algorithm updates Google revealed and put into play over the last couple of years. With those updates, Google changed the way search engines operate, and they ushered in a new age of SEO techniques. For anyone interested in creating content on a blog or website that would have a good chance of being found and served up in the search results of Google or other engines … well, they changed the game entirely.

The immediate reaction from marketers was loud and, frankly, rather silly. Many bemoaned the passing of techniques such as keyword stuffing which had worked for them for decades. But there were others who watched these changes and had a “light bulb moment”. They were realizing as the changes occurred that the advent of more “intelligent” abilities of the algorithims, such as “Latent Symantic Indexing”, were changes with which ethical marketers could easily adapt.

Content Curation:
Create Your Content Marketing “Information Center”

Those changes opened up for us the possibilities of “Content Marketing”, and made it possible for us to employ a content marketing strategy and a curation strategy to attract people to our blogs and websites. These changes really were the result of Google coming to the conclusion that the principles behind the “Attraction Marketing” concept … the idea of “inbound” advertising as opposed to “outbound” advertising … would work well for them as a guide to what are quality search results and what are not.

These days, smart marketers need to be focussed on creating blogs that are “information centers” for their particular niche. The rising acceptance of Content marketing is a natural development that stems from the way we communicate today and the way we search for and process information. Large corporations are hiring people to curate their websites and to manage their curation and content marketing strategies. Content curation is an important component of anyone who blogs and wants more traffic and sales through their blogging activities.

Here’s a great “guest post” from Christopher Baldock in the Content Marketing Institute blog. In it he discussed just this phenomena … the death of the “keyword strategy” … and what we should do now to SEO our blogs:

How an Owned, Paid, and Earned Content Strategy Can Power Your SEO – Content Marketing Institute Wed, 26 Mar 2014

If keyword strategy has taken a step back in importance for ranking, what has taken its place? An owned, paid, and earned content strategy. This type of strategy has become a main focus for those trying to increase their rankings — primarily due to Google’s frequent algorithm updates … To understand what’s involved in an owned, paid, and earned strategy, it is important to understand semantic search.  …

Read More Here:

Content Curation:
How You Can Make Your Blogging Life Easier And More Effective

With “content marketing” now the new key to traffic, leads, and sales, content curation is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools any blogger needs to learn and know. Good curators will be at the forefront of this sweeping change that is currently transforming the online world. Those with knowledge and experience in the techniques of curation will be in demand by bloggers, webmasters, and businesses both large and small. They will have the knowledge and skills they need to create and manage websites (their own or owned by others) that are consistently found by targeted prospects in whatever niche they might be targeting.

Learning the “do’s and don’t’s” of curation and content marketing now could make all the difference to anyone working online today.



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  1. John Jarvis April 4, 2014

    Hi Steve,

    Being what people may consider a content marketer, I
    wasn’t too sure about curation at 1st.

    It does give people that are newer to blogging an
    advantage over some of us old dogs, (or at least
    over the way we had to start out).

    Funny things is that those so called “SEO experts”
    that have been sitting on top of the search engines
    for years are the people that’s most upset with the
    way the changes that Google has made is going.

    All the search engines want is what’s good for their
    searchers. All of these changes make sense to me and
    no longer do we have to worry about being put aside
    by black hat SEO people.

    I can hardly wait to learn all that I can about
    content marketing and passing that information along
    to people that are still confused about how to be first
    on Google, Yahoo, and Bing!



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