Passion to Profit! The Ultimate Blogging Workshop


The ultimate blogging workshop

Passion to Profit | Setting up the Ultimate Blog

Presented by: Steve Gaghagen
Time: 1:41:29

What is a domain name? Where can I get a domain name? What is a cPanel? How do I install a word press site? What plugins will I need? Will my word press website need updating? Will it really help my business make more money? How can I use my blog to help my business grow?

Passion to Profit | Setting up the Ultimate Blog. i Steve Gaghagen will show you how to set up your ultimate blog from start to finish during this one and a half hour workshop.

You will learn:

  • what is a web-hosting
  • how to register your domain name
  • how to install word press from your cpanel
  • which word press plugins are absolutely necessary for marketing success and how to install and configure them for optimal performance
  • the best security plugins you need for ultra protection

The Ultimate Blog for unlimited marketing potential.

Passion and Persuasion Content Strategy
Passion & Persuasion | Content Strategy

What will I write about? What are categories? How are categories different from tags? How do I use categories and tags? How often should I add a new post? How long should my post be? What about sales pages? What are keywords and keyword phrases? How do I find good keywords? What topics should I write about? Where can I find good topic ideas?

Passion & Persuasion | Content Strategy is a workshop will answer those questions and more! Your content strategy must be designed in a way that illuminates your passion and expertise to gain to achieve your overall should not only provide shareable and timely information, it should also be presented in a logical and meaningful way to your website visitors. You only have one chance to make a good impression. 

Lets face it business is about getting the sale. Your business should also be your passion. If it isn’t your will never find true success. Your content strategy must reflect your passion. Every piece of content you share must persuade your viewers to take some sort of action. Asking people to Share your post will get you more traffic and new subscribers.

Passion and Profit Monitization
Share Passion & Profit | Keywords and Monetizing Your Blog

What is keyword research? How will keyword research help me write articles? Will good keywords and keyword phrases help me make money? How do I build a subscriber list? Do I need an auto res-ponder? What is a lead capture page? Do pop up subscriber boxes work? How do I set up a pop up subscriber box of my own?

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that can bring you a windfall of traffic and conversions. In order to find that inbound traffic you need to do everything you can to serve up content that is relevant for your niche. That is where keyword research comes in. You will learn to identify profitable keywords and topic ideas all using the free google keyword tool.

The number one goal in business is to build a list of readers who are interested in what you say and how you say it. Readers are encouraged to subscribe with a variety of time tested strategies. And we cover them all. Lead capture pages, splash pages, pop up subscribers forms and newsletter sign ups.



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Passion to Profit, the Ultimate Blogging Workshop is offered to you for $97 and covers the major elements your blog and marketing plan needs in order to gain readership and improve your blogs potential. As you will discover your blogs reach will determine the level of passive income your blog can deliver.

This 3 Part Workshop includes  Workshop 1. Passion to Profit | The Ultimate Blog Setup, Workshop 2. Passion & Persuasion | Content Strategy and Workshop 3 Passion & Profit | Monetizing Your Blog. Each session is a full One and a Half hours of Instruction.

All 3 Workshops Only $97 USD

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