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How To Do Content Curation

How To Do Content Curation

How To Do Content Curation

Content Creator John Jarvis

I’m continuing on with my series for people asking the question, “How does content curation work” and in this part my focus will be on how to do content creation.
I heard last night that curating content means “creating an online presence dedicated to a particular subject”. That’s just about exactly what content curation is and there are 3 main ways to do this.
The 3 types of curated content are:

  • Aggregated Content
  • Curated
  • Created

How To Do Content Curation – Aggregated Content

Learn How To Do Content Curation

Learn How To Do Content Curation

Aggregation is the act of bringing together articles and other content on a similar topic, and categorizing them for an easy overview by your website visitors.
This means that it’s like a listing of links, places for your website visitors to go, to find exactly what it is that they’re looking for.
What this does for your website visitors is place everything that they’re interested in, in certain categories to make it easy for them to find. It’s kind of like going to the library where everything is nice, neat, and organized.
Aggregated content is done mostly by technology without a whole lot of human involvement. This is good for people that don’t have a lot of time to invest in organizing, writing, or posting content on their website
The main issue with this type of curated content is that there isn’t much control over the quality of the material that’s actually placed on your website … so it may not be that great for your website visitors!

For those of us that like to watch things as opposed to reading about them, (yes there are some of “us”), I’m going to leave a video from Don Legere which is part 2 to one that I placed on a web page called “how does content curation work“. So you see what I’m actually doing here, is curating some of Don’s content. Thanks Don! 😉

How Does Content Curation Work Part 2

How To Do Content Curation – Curated Content

Another method in how to do content curation involves the act of finding, organizing, annotating, and sharing the most relevant information for your targeted website visitors.
This type of website content is better for your target audience but it takes more human involvement. It’s not about just repeating what other people are saying word for word, this wouldn’t make much sense, and the search engines don’t like it much.
When someone uses this type of content curation they need to put their own spin on things, and a good thing about this is that the curator is providing a 3rd party perspective. The only thing to pay attention to when doing this is that one must make sure they are adding real value, and the content must be organized properly so your website visitors can find what they are looking for very easily!
If you do things properly, your curated content will increase in value to your visitors. And a good tip at this point would be to make sure that you get your material from more than one place. If this is done, you are not just “mirroring” another website. In other words … copy and pasting from one website to another is a bad, bad thing to do!

How To Do Content Curation – Created Content

How To Do Content Curation

Doing Book Reports Is Easier With Curation

Content creation is a whole new ball game. Creation is when you’re the original creator and owner of a piece of work, and in the case that we’re talking about that work would be website content as in:

  1. Written words.
  2. Videos.
  3. Images.

Creation is an important piece of the online marketing process because it allows you to share your personal point of view. Another good thing about creating one’s own content is that it gets shared by other people online and it helps to brand the original creator as an expert.
I like what’s known as Google Authorship because when this is set up properly, when someone borrows your content you still get credit for it, even if it’s on a website that you’ve never even heard of before!
So something to think about when it comes to how to do content curation, is that it would work best with all 3 types on your website, aggregated, curated and created!
Stay tuned for more from this website, and if you’re already ready for more click on the image that I’m leaving for you below. This will give you access to more information immediately as a member of this website.
By John Jarvis

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How To Do Content Curation



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