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“Grumpy Cat” and Social Media Marketing



“Cat videos aren’t just the quirky hobby of Generation Y, but a source of wealth and fame. Could your moggy be a potential cash cow?”

Grumpy Cat, Social Media Marketing and a Financial Windfall

Power of Passion and Social Media Marketing

At Curation Works we believe and teach that anyone can develop a tremendously large social following simply by providing content that entertains, informs and engages conversation. It is about following your passion and sharing what you know or discover with others. If done right it could return a financial windfall. That is what Social Media Marketing is all about.

Lets talk about “Grumpy Cat.” The owner of “Grumpy Cat” has revealed that she has earned over $124 million dollars over the past two years. The famous feline has her own agent, several advertising deals, a book and a film, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.”

That is the power of Social Media Marketing. Where success can manifest literally overnight. All you need is the right content at the right time. “Grumpy Cat” is just one more example of outlandish marketing success. No special tools where required other than passion.

How to make millions from your cat –

Mon, 08 Dec 2014 14:24:47 GMT

If Grumpy Cat is the single most successful celebrity kitten, then I Can Has Cheezburger is the most lucrative cat company. The website is entirely filled with “lolcats”, or images of cats alongside humorous captions, and its parent company has raised more than $32 million (£20.5 million) in funding.

Huh (Website Owner) says he expanded the website by carefully curating content to give users what they were interested in. He avoided algorithms and focused on editorial selection of the photos that would provoke engagement. Huh’s staff became experts in the field, so they can recognize and promote an unusual cat photo.

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Fuel your Passion with Social Media Marketing and Content Curation

So what is your passion? What is your niche? What do you get excited about?

“Grumpy Cat” is just one example of how Social Media Marketing and Content Curation can take your passion and turn it into millions. Its like swimming down stream. Please leave a comment.




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