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The Ever Evolving Content Marketing Strategy

The Ever Evolving Content Marketing Strategy

“You can have the best content in the world, but if you can’t get it out to your customers or prospects at the right time, in the right format, and on the device of their choosing, it doesn’t matter how good your content is.”

Intelligent Content?

What You Really Need to Know

The reality of intelligent content is simply this. The content you produce must be as Ann Rockley describes as, “structurally rich and semantically categorized, and therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable.”

What does all that really mean? Content Marketers know that a good content strategy will deliver a big bang for the buck. For example studies have shown that content marketing strategies to acquire leads, prospects and customers costs 62% less when compared to traditional marketing methods.

The problem is that a great deal of the content delivered is incomplete. Because the information is incomplete it is literally remains undiscovered. Great care must be taken to ensure that you have covered all the bases before you publish. We often preach at Curation Works that you don’t need to know anything about SEO to be a very good Content Marketer, the fact is you don’t. What you do need to be is diligent and ensure you have covered all the structural and semantic bases.

Structural and Semantic Bases?

Meta tags, image alt tag descriptions, h1, h2, h3, are just a few of the items you have to consider before publishing. Proper accreditation, credits and external links. This article by the Content Marketing Institute will give you an overview of where content marketing is heading. Curation and Content Marketing is an ever evolving marketing strategy.

The Evolution of Content Marketing Will Include Intelligent Content

Content Marketing Institute

Why should the content marketer care?

If content marketing is supported by intelligent content best practices, it can reach a broader audience and have a longer shelf life. – Ann Rockley

I’m as much to blame as anyone. Even back in 2007, I was talking about creating more and different content. Take one idea and spread that into 10 different pieces of content. Yes, but …

What if I could take a piece of content and publish it to multiple output channels, all set to display in different ways (because of the rules that I set) without having to hand craft each piece of content separately? Technical communicators have been doing this for years … it’s only recently that content marketers are learning that all this is possible.

Read More At: The Evolution of Content Marketing Will Include Intelligent Content

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