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Curation Works: Content Curation Training To Rock Your World

Curation Works: Content Curation Training To Rock Your World

Curation Works:
Content Curation Training To Rock Your World

Is The Curation Training Out There Actually What You Need? 

When it comes to just what kind of information is available out there in “Internet World” on the subject of Content Curation, I’ve done a lot of exploring, and I’ve learned a few things. I’ve learned things that are not just about how to become a competent content curator, but also about what kind of information is actually available out there for those of us who want to learn. The situation is not as simple as it seems, and the pitfalls of trying to “go it alone” are many.

Curation Training: Bad, Good, Or Good & Confusing?

There are good sources of information out there, but many of them are over the head of most beginning to intermediate bloggers. Wading into them can be intimidating and confusing for those of us without years of experience.

There are sources of information out there I would term simply indifferent or ineffectual when it comes to teaching the would-be curator. After getting into them for a bit you discover you’re not learning anything new but reading or hearing a large collection of platitudes that really teach you nothing. By the time you’re done with a particularly dense bit of “teaching”, you realize you’ve actually learned nothing at all. You may, though, have a nasty headache.

There are also sources out there that are downright bad and can actually be destructive to you and your business if you follow their recommendations. These will be focused on getting huge amounts of content up overnight through auto-blogging techniques, etc. They will lead you down a path that violates what good curators consider “Best Practices” and can put you in danger of running afoul of the search engines or even lead you into accusations of plaguerism.

Curation Works: Free Member Benefits

This is exactly why Don and I have created “Curation Works“, and I wanted to take a few minutes here to make sure you realize just what it is you hold in your hand as a “Free Member” of the system. Also … and I won’t beat around the bush here … I want to urge you to upgrade ASAP, and I’ll give you some reasons why.

Curation Works is designed with the beginning to intermediate blogger in mind. The program doesn’t bog you down with a ton of nomenclature you won’t understand. It’s simple, direct, and gets right to the point. There are benefits to being a Free member, and if you’re not yet involved I urge you to get your Free account right now so you can at least get started that way. You can do that right here on this site.

As a Free Member, you have access to an overview training video that explains what Content Curation is all about and how it can benefit you as a blogger. You’ll learn how it can help you overcome the problem of “writer’s block” … which keeps most of us from providing as much content as Google likes to see on a website. You’ll begin to get an understanding of how content curation can help to brand you and to establish you as an authority and “Thought Leader” in your niche. And, as a Free Member, you are also an affiliate of “Curation Works”, and can promote the program. At the Free level of membership you’ll receive 10% commissions on every upgrade you refer! That’s right! Curation Works pays everyone … even its Free members!Content Curation | Content Marketing | Curation Works

Curation Works Upgraded Membership:

A Complete Content Marketing Education

Now those are some great benefits that even Free members can take advantage of. But, when you upgrade, a whole new world opens up … along with a long, long list of videos not available to Free Members! These are Live videos from our online workshops and a long list of Desktop videos that go into specific detail about every step you need to know to become a good content curator.

Here is a complete list of all the video titles you’ll have access to when you upgrade in “Curation Works”:

1) Introduction To Content Curation (Available To Free Members)
2) The Essence of Manual Content Curation
3) Setting Up Your Blog For Curation
4) Locating Your RSS Feeds
5) RSS Feeds With Windows Live Mail
6) RSS Feeds With Google Chrome
7) RSS Feeds With Internet Explorer
8) RSS Feeds With Mozilla Firefox
9) RSS Feeds With FeedDemon
10) Using Your Manual Curation Template
11) Manual Curation Posting
12) Photos In Your Post
13) Featured Images
14) Best Practices for the Content Curator
15) Semi-Automated Content Curation
16) What Is CurationSoft
17) A Tour Of Your CurationSoft Software
18) Prepare Your Curation Template
19) Configure RSS Feeds With Your Software
20) Locate Curations With CSoft Sources
21) Locate Curations With RSS Feeds
22) Configure Your Curation Window
23) Curate A “Simple” Post
24) Working With Images
25) Curate A “Simple” Post From RSS Feeds
26) Curate A “High Impact” Post
27) Curate A “Leveraged” Post
28) Using CSoft Multiple Curation Templates
29) Review and Hot Seat
30) Some Points To Remember

And that’s just the beginning!  As an upgraded member, you’ll also have access to the recordings of our weekly online webinars, as well as our Featured Video Training series. This is a series of trainings that we produce in response to what our members are saying they want to learn and focus on. So, this is truly custom designed education in content marketing, based on the feedback we receive from you!

Curation Works Upgraded Members: Personal Mentoring Is Key

And how do we receive this feedback? Well, that’s really the best part of becoming an Upgraded member here at “Curation Works”. When you upgrade your membership, you gain access to our “Curation Works Skype Group”, where you can ask questions, share your posts, and network with the other upgraded members. This is a great resource for real  “hands on” training. Steve and Don are usually online and there are other advanced curators in our group who are glad to assist whenever you need help!

AND … there’s one more benefit to upgrading,and that’s increased commissions! Every upgraded “Curation Works” member receives a whopping 30% commissions … 3 times what you receive as a Free member.

Content Curation | Content Marketing | Curation WorksChange Your Blogging Life – Change Your Business

So, not to put too fine a point on it, but what the heck are you waiting for? Yes, upgrading takes a bit of committment. But, really …over the long term … we’re not talking about something overly large here. To put it in perspective a bit: there are services out there that will curate on your blog for you, and then charge you 5 times what your Lifetime Upgrade at Curation Works will cost … each and every month. What you’ll get from them is 5 or 6 blog posts a month. With Curation Works, you’ll learn effective content marketing and content curation … from the ground up and completely. It’s the old story about giving a man a fish vs teaching him to fish. Your upgraded Curation Works membership is an investment in education and mentoring, and what you learn will last you a lifetime.

So Free Members … upgrade today! Just login to your back office and click on the “Upgrade” link. Your account will be immediately upgraded, all the videos will appear in your back office, your commission structure will change for your account, and we’ll add you to the Skype group ASAP!  If you’re not  a Free member yet … you can find “Curation Works” in your Contact List Builder downline builder, or from the person who sent you to this blog post. Failing that, you can get your free account right here on this page!

By Steve Gaghagen


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Curation Works: Content Curation Training To Rock Your World
The best training in content curation & content marketing today comes from "Curation Works". Training created with the beginning and intermediate blogger in mind! Join free and upgrade today! Enjoy the full power of "Curation works" training … and change your blogging life!



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