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Why Curation Matters

Recently, the New York Times announced it was adding curated content to its homepage. “What we hope [curating third-party content] will do is give readers a reason to come to our homepage more often and stay there,” stated editor-at-large Marcus Mabry.

Why Curation Matters

Content Marketing Depends on it.

Curation is thought leadership, curation is a service and curation is efficient. The overall conclusion is “Curation is Imperative.”

Those are pretty strong observations. however based on our experince at Curation Works it is right on target. Curating content not only saves you money it also improves your ability to reach out to a wider and more interested audience. Providing recent and relevent information in tandem with personal insights is key for anyone wanting to improve their social reach. The more interesting the content the greater the number of followers and perhaps, eventual advocates for your brand or service.

Billions of dollars will be spent on content curation marketing in the new year. This article shows how the MSM is embracing 3rd party content full on. If they are you should too! Enjoy!

Why Curation Matters to Content – (subscription)

Wed, 10 Dec 2014 15:03:12 GMT  Why Curation Matters to Content

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But for all its value, perhaps the most driving factor behind curation is that the life and reach of content thrives on it. In the old days, and not really very long ago, content was like the apple that didn’t fall far from its tree. But today, content operates very differently. It, like all of us, buzzes around the Web, from social network to social network, to email to website and back. To participate in this dynamic—and ensure the success of their own content—publishers and marketers alike need to participate in the content exchange. That’s why more organizations are actively make curation an operation. They want to ensure that the third-party content that is selected is always meaningful to consumers and ultimately valuable to the business.

In regards to the Times’ using curated content, Mabry also said, “We were living in this old-world vision where you thought the only thing worth putting on your website was your own stuff.”

Mabry’s statement effectively captures an essential truth in today’s content landscape: Curation is key, and, without a doubt, it matters to content now.

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Content Matters to Business Growth

So the lesson is this. As a small business entrepreneur you have an opportunity to grab a significant piece of any pie you want. Apple, cherry or banana cream. It doesn’t matter what you are marketing or what you represent. Content Curation Marketing is a servce you provide to your social network. the more useful the information you provide the more you become the thought leader in your niche.



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