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Curation Improves Social Media Engagement. Three Ways to Make it Simple

Curation Improves Social Media Engagement. Three Ways to Make it Simple

Social Media Engagement – “Social media is an indispensable part of any content curation marketing strategy, particularly when you realize that audiences are becoming increasingly active on social media platforms. A survey by the Pew Research Centre shows that 70% of Facebook users are active on the site everyday with more than 45% logging in several times a day.”

Improve Social Media Engagement with Content Curation

Take Your Social Media Marketing to a Higher Level

The biggest hurdle for the older generation of internet marketers is Social Media. Younger marketers (millennial’s) who were born into a computerized connected existence, know how to share and what their friends/audience are looking for.

Millennial’s have an incredibly powerful social reach. So powerful in fact, a Tweet can bring thousands of people together in an instant. We have all read a story of a high school party getting out of hand with literally hundreds showing up uninvited. Blame the Tweet!

So how do we get to the point where we can bring the same social power to our marketing efforts? In this article you will get an overview of how to do just that. Social mastery starts with getting active with your followers and curating content for them that is relevant and timely.

Social Marketing Mastery is about understanding your follower and using keyword research to find the content they are looking for. And finally, you  have to measure your performance.

Three Ways to Deepen Social Media Engagement Using Content Curation | @AskJamieT

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This is where content curation tools play a very important role, as they help you discover and share relevant content with your audience. Sharing engaging content on social media helps you gather more followers and initiate conversations with existing followers. It also enriches the quality of interaction with your audience.

Content curation also allows you to keep your pages active and establishes you as a credible source of information. Through curation, you’ll be able to share a greater volume of relevant content, thereby increasing scope for interaction. Furthermore, sharing content that’s loved by your followers increases the likelihood of them sharing it, thus allowing you to reach even more people.

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Engagement on Social Platforms

So you have learned that in order to extend your reach on Social Media you have to be active and share relevant and timely information. “It’s more important than ever to actively create content that people will find engaging, and content curation is one tool in the marketer’s tool box to accomplish this.”

Analysis and identifying keywords related to your target audience will allow you to make better content curation decisions and improve your visibility on social media.

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