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Content Marketing Webinar Replay 2015-01-20

Change is in the Wind for Content Curation Marketing

Content Marketing meets Content Selling

Content curation marketing is evolving. No longer is curation a simple act of posting content to your blog. Content marketing is becoming a real time social phenomenon, where the act of curation capitalizes on emotionally engaging content that is commented on and shared through out the social sphere. The content marketers number one objective is to allow for co-created content throughout social media channels.

Content Selling a 2015 Curation Marketing Trend

In the content marketing webinar we referred to this as content selling. When your content is commented on and shared that is an act of co-creation. Individuals provide points of view that add an authentic independent voice bringing social relevance to what you offer.

Social Media Content Curation Marketing

Social Media Marketing may not be for the faint of heart. It requires a constant flow of new and exciting content that keeps your market interest and willingness to share.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks Content Curation Marketing Webinar replay, and as always we welcome your comments and encourage sharing.

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