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Content Marketing? Webinar Replay 2015-01-13

Content Marketing? Webinar Replay 2015-01-13

Content Marketing?

Curate your passion! It pays.

Where ever your interests or passions lie, content marketing can very well be your ticket to success. Introducing Gillian Grannum and her niche website ShiftFrequency. When I first came across her site she was celebrating visitor  1,000,000 (one million) quite an accomplishment. The Shift Frequency blog at that time did not display ads.

One year later over 15,000,000 (fifteen million) views!

And you where probably thinking one million was a good number. Now the Shift Frequency blog is monetized with Google ads. Now i don’t know about you, I would love to have a fraction of the ad revenue she is potentially earning.

That is the Power of Content Marketing.

That is the power of content marketing. It pays. Gilliam feeds her readers each and every day with the information that has them clamoring for more. In other words her readers are insatiable for her content. My advice to my readers? Take a page from Gilliam and curate what you love and share it.

If you are struggling to find success on line quit banging your head against the wall. Follow what you love, curate, and share. Enjoy the Content Curation Marketing Webinar replay.

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