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Content Marketing On Facebook

Content Marketing On Facebook

Facebook Marketing – “I look at Facebook as being a four-step sales funnel. The first step is to build a highly relevant audience. I do that by targeting people who visit my website or people who are on my email list, and getting those people to “like” my page.” …

Content Marketing On Facebook

Expert Jon Loomer Spills The Beans

Content marketing and content curation demand a lot more than simply choosing and publishing the right content. Of course, you need to be sharing (curating) the best content you can find. You need to use a discerning eye to find the content that your particular audience will appreciate and want to share with their friends and associates.

Remember, the name of the game these days is “Sharing”. What we want is to have our posts and curations “go viral” … and that means your readers need to think them worthy of passing on to their followers and friends.

Content Marketing On Facebook | Curation Works

These Types Of Content Are Sure Attention
Grabbers On Facebook

What all this boils down to is, of course, the fact that once we have a new curation post written, formatted, and published on our blog, that’s only the beginning. The job is not yet done; here’s where the fun starts. Now is the time when we start the “sharing” process. No matter how many social networks you belong to, everyone needs to be sharing on Facebook. The essentials, of course, are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Out of these, none approach Facebook in importance. The problem is that most of us are doing it wrong.

Jon Loomer is one of the industry’s best known experts on using Facebook for content marketing. Here’s a great article that just appeared on the Content Marketing Institute website. Cathy McPhillips  conducted the interview and wrote the article, and it’s packed full of good information about Facebook that everyone concerned with getting the most bang for their buck on the social network really needs to see..

Jon Loomer Talks All About Facebook | Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

“Oh jeez. Companies that buy “likes” misunderstand how Facebook works and what’s important. “Likes” are absolutely important, but only relevant “likes” are important. If you have irrelevant “likes,” Facebook will punish you. Yes, it looks good for a minute because you’ve got a whole bunch of “likes.” But those are fakes … which means your content won’t get seen by the people who actually matter to you and care about your brand.” …

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Quality Content & Knowing Your Readers Is What Counts On Facebook

In the early days of content marketing and curation, as in the early days of Internet marketing itself, it seems that the first practices that spring up and become popular all involved “gaming” the system. Keyword stuffing and “black hat seo” tactics were everywhere. These days, search engines have matured, algorithms are more intelligent, and marketers have come to realize that providing value and good information will go a lot further to help achieve their goals than how many times you can say your products best keyword on a web page. Things have gone so far that meta keywords are now basically useless, as Google and Bing are actually “reading” your posts and passing judgement on the content, not the form.

The same is true with Facebook, it’s algorithm, and our practices, when sharing our content there. You can spend all the time you like trying to figure out what time of day to post, what headline might get more clicks, likes, or shares, but the bottom line is that if you begin with good, quality, informative, enlightening content in your original post, you’ll be miles ahead of the game. Add to that your own valuable observations, direct them specifically at the folks who you know read your Facebook posts, and you can’t go wrong.

Content Marketing On Facebook
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Content Marketing On Facebook
Are you using Facebook for content marketing? Facebook expert Jon Loomer talks about strategies to help you be more effective. Read More Here.



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