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Content Marketing & Curation Best Practices

Content Marketing & Curation Best Practices

Content Marketing – “86% of organizations use content marketing and see it as an integral element for building presence and winning customers online—indeed content is king.” …

Content Marketing & Curation Best Practices

inboundli Founder Shares Valuable Secrets

Everyone is using content curation as part of their content marketing strategy these days, and almost everyone in business is in content marketing. It seems just a short time ago that no one understood what we were talking about when we used the term “curation” the way we use it in marketing today.

Content Marketing | Content Curation | Curation WorksThose days are gone and everyone is talking about and using content curation in their marketing. We use it as both a traffic generation strategy and as a technique to build our brands and reputations online. At this point, if you don’t understand the concepts of content marketing and content curation, and if you’re not using them in your business, you are being left behind.

As these trends grow and become more solidified, simply understanding these concepts in a rudimentary, “what’s it all about” fashion, becomes less important than actually being a skilled curator and being proficient at employing the best and most effective content curation strategies.

To help us all with that, we’re sharing with you today a great article that just recently appeared on the Boulder SEO Marketing Blog. It’s by Gene Sobolev, Co-Founder of inboundli, a curation platform based in Germany, and contains some really great content marketing tips.

Curate This – 12 Impactful Principles for Content Curation Success | Boulder SEO Marketing

Boulder SEO Marketing,

“Keep the right content proportions. There is plenty of debate on this topic, but I found that the 10-4-1 rule, where 10 posts are curated, 4 are created and one is promotional, works quite well. In many use cases, I’ve seen successful application of the 6-3-1 rule, where 6 posts are curated, 3 owned and 1 promotional. However, in terms of curation ratio both strategies are very similar.” …

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Best Content Curation Practices $ Social Media Marketing Results

Some of the interesting things in Gene’s article have to do with the fact that adhering to “best practices” in our curation efforts actually increases our effectiveness and doesn’t decrease it. This is counterintuitive in some cases. For instance, many content curators instinctively feel that the more hashtags they can use on a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ post sharing their content, the more visible they’ll be and therefore the more traffic they’ll receive. Unfortunately, they’re wrong and operating under misconceptions. Loading a Facebook post with hashtags will actually hurt you as far as engagement of your post is concerned. 

Always be aware of what “Best Practices” actuallly are in your content marketing and content curation activities, and remember: they aren’t considered “Best Practices” just because they’re polite and considerate. They’ve earned this tag because they  work … and will bring you more traffic, engagement, and respect over time, as your content marketing strategies grow and evolve.

Content Marketing & Curation Best Practices
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Content Marketing & Curation Best Practices
Adhering to "Best Practices" in your content marketing and content curation activities brings better results. What are they? Gene Sobolev, co-founder of "inboundli", shares secrets. Read More Here.



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