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Content Curation: The Solution To Information Overload

Content Curation: The Solution To Information Overload

Content Curation – “Similar to a previous era when independent book store owners could provide personal, informed book recommendations, and when record store employees could personally guide you to new music, curation reinvents recommendations for the digital age—and it’s growing at a scale not seen since the invention of blogging.” …

Content Curation:
The Solution To Information Overload

“When you want to find new content you like, by definition, you don’t know what it’s called yet. And if you don’t know what it’s called, you don’t have keywords to search with, and Google can’t find it for you. A common work around is to describe what you would like to find, like “good music” and Google will retrieve results—millions of them—and leave you to sort them out. And that’s the core problem of content overload: sorting too many results.” …

The Internet Cure – Content Overload | Steffon Davis

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A Curator Is An Editor Of The Info Glut

If you’ve seen the videos and attended the webinars at Curation Works, you’ve heard me speak of “adding value” to your curated posts. Whether you’re curating an article, a video, a document, or any other form of content, a good curator always increases the “value” of the original content.

That leads, of course, to the next question: “How do I add value to my posts”?

The answer is that there are many ways a good curator will do this. You can add value by including your educated observations concerning the subject of the source content. You can provide your personal feelings about the subject in order to guide Content Curation | Content Overload | Curation Works“the conversation” that’s ongoing on your blog. (Realize that a curated blog is a “conversation”, even when no one comments on a post). In short, you can “editorialize”.

But probably the most significant “value” you can contribute to your readers is something you’re doing by the very act of curating content. You’re providing a solution for your readers to the “content overload” problem.

Steffon Davis is a product manager in New York City. He founded the curation analytics company Curalytics, the content curation platform Topiat, and has worked in algorithmic foreign-exchange trading for the venture funded financial technology company MarketFactory. In his video above and on his web page, he outlines the problem: there’s just too much stuff out there for most people to be able to locate the “best” information (or the information they most appreciate) quickly and easily. To put it bluntly, there’s way to much crap to wade through.

That’s where you come in,and that’s where a good curator becomes invaluable. When a reader discovers your site and decides they like the selection of information you choose to share, they begin to trust you. In essence, they hire you as their personal “Internet Information Editor” … because that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re using your expertise to wade through the “content glut” that bombards all of us daily, and choosing the best, most pertinent, and most timely information on your subject … and your reader/viewer does not have to do that for themselves anymore.

Content Curation | Content Marketing | Curation WorksThat’s the main value a good curator can provide. It’s so powerful that I’ve seen very successful curated sites that have no editorializing and virtually no original content at all. What they do have is a very developed site that’s focused on gathering large amounts of quality information in one place… out of an even larger pool of inferior content. They have a very distinct style of doing it. So much so that they’re almost editorializing simply by including the information on their site.

Good Curation Practices Provide Value In Themselves

So keep this in mind as you go about your daily appointed rounds in search of “Quality” and “The Best”. What you’re looking for is the information from your industry or niche that someone lacking the time or skills to sift through the “Content Glut”, would really appreciate seeing. This is the foundational value that you “add” as a curator of content. It’s also the value that will be most appreciated by your readers.

And, it’s a skill that can be developed with study, practice, and time.

Content Curation: The Solution To Information Overload
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Content Curation: The Solution To Information Overload
When done properly, content curation can provide a cure for information overload and the Content Glut. Learn to be a trusted "Internet Editor" for your readers.



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