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Content Curation Strategy Infographic: A 5-Step Journey

Content Curation Strategy Infographic: A 5-Step Journey

“Marketers who are hoping to better engage their buyers with content should consider adding curation to their content marketing strategy. In fact, research indicates that leading marketers are curating 25% of all the content that they publish.”

Curation Strategy Infographic

One of the biggest concerns the home business blogger faces is, what do I write about. Many call it writers block. As a content curator I would call it a lack of planning.

The content curator, if organized, will have a never ending stream of news worthy and shareable content daily. When you curate third-party content, you will:

  • spend less time and resources creating your own original content
  • complement your own created content
  • shine a light on insights from thought leaders (great for influencer marketing and building your own credibility as a thought leader since you will avoid the trap of egocentric marketing)

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