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Interactive Media and Your Content Marketing Strategy

Interactive Media and Your Content Marketing Strategy

“We are visual consumers, our food has to look good, our clothing has to be attractive and content online has to be entertaining and visually inviting for us to engage it.”

Interactive Media and Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content That Engages Your Readers Emotionally

One of the strategies that we continually stress at our Curation Works Training Webinars is the importance of engaging your readers and thus your social network. It is a strategy that is proven to provide lots of inbound traffic to your webite. This in turn results in subscriptions, sales and more importantly referrals.

In this incredibly useful article Robyn-Dale Samuda provides the numbers and the research that proves the importance media has in engaging people. The more Emotional the content the better.

The Best Content Marketing Strategies Bloggers Should Focus on in 2014 & Beyond

With this explosion of volume in content being both produced and promoted, the web has gotten very noisy and average content for the most part is being ignored. Bloggers and other content producers will need to step their game up, recognizing and employing what’s proven to work along with a little tenacity to push the limits and status quo and try something new.

Audio and visuals matter more than ever now, especially as more of the world gains access to stable high speed mobile internet; it’s become a standard. It’s all about getting into the minds of the user and the more you understand consumer psychology the more you can relate to your audience’s desires and what they respond to.


Interactive Media a Content Marketing Strategy for 2014? And Beyond?

With the speed of technological innovations the internet is indeed beging transformed into an incredibly alive and powerful social communications platform. Everyone has a voice. Its the content marketers job to rise above the noise and follow thier passion and be heard.

Your comments as always are welcomed and appreciated.

Interactive Media and Your Content Marketing Strategy
Article Name
Interactive Media and Your Content Marketing Strategy
Interactive multimedia may very well be the content you need to inject a little pizazz into your marketing efforts. Images and video can evoke an emotional response in your readers. Readers share content that has emotional appeal.



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